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This concept is intended for alternative power engineering. The main features are:

  1. Input Operating Range, 1.5 V to 40 V (starts from 5 V with capability to continue working if the input voltage drops).
  2. 1-A Load-Current Capability.
  3. 200-mA Load-Current Capability Down to 2 V input.
  4. 120-mA Load-Current Capability Down to 1.5 V input.
  5. Backup battery can be automatically charged and used as a power source if the input voltage is disappeared.
  • Different unstable power sources such as: solar battery, wind generator etc.
  • Unspecified power source from USB till 24 V truck board.
This is a switch-mode regulator with integrated switches for voltage-mode control. The device regulates the output to 5 V ±3% for a wide input-voltage range.
The device offers a reset function to detect and indicate when the 5-V output rail is outside of the specified tolerance. This reset delay is programmable using an external timing.
Additionally, an alarm feature is activated when the input supply rail is below a prescaled specified value.
Switching to a backup battery comes without any sign of this event. The backup is working till the battery voltage drops below the specified value.





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