IR -> ISM 868 MHz data transceiver

This transceiver, operating in the 868 MHz ISM band, is designed to transmit data from the infrared input interface to the radio frequency in order to receive this data to a similar receiver.
The infrared interface can also be used to change parameters, making this process accessible if the device is difficult to reach (e.g. installed at a high altitude or in a sealed enclosure). At the same time, the long-range radio interface is not activated for that purpose, which increases the resistance to hacker attacks.

The transceiver uses the CC1101 chip from TI and the 868-SP1 antenna from LINX in combination with the balun BAL-CC1101-01D3 from ST.

A bunch of similar in design transmitter and receiver showed a very good range of communication within the house. The signal reached from the 10th floor, where the laboratory was located, to the hall on the 1st floor. Outside the house, the communication was everywhere within 100 meters. It was not tested further, because the territory is surrounded by a fence. :-)

The possibility of communication from under water when installing the transmitter on the surfboard was also checked (due to customer requirements). Communication was observed at a distance of at least 50 m when the transceiver was located under water, under the surfboard (when overturned).

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IR -> ISM 868 MHz data transceiver