The ball impact location system

Such system functions in the following way.
The CPU marks one of the shield as an active one. That shield switches a blue LED-panel on. The footballer should hit that shield. If he makes that then the LED-panel becomes green for some time then it is switched off. If he misses the target then the red light is switched on.
And the CPU keeps statistics.

The most difficult part is a low level hardware.
The structure is shown at the picture.

The intellectual sensor and the LED-indicator are placed at the every shield. All the sensors and the CPU are connected via EIA-485 interface.
The every sensor has its own address. If the sensor detects a vibration it send the signal to the CPU. After processing the signals the CPU sends the command to light the definite LED-panel.

Very important that the training equipment has a rather rigid structure, so the signals go from several sensors and either design and circuit-software solution is needed to understand where the ball has hit the target.
The reverberation is a problem as well.

Those problems were solved successfully.

The video shows how the system functions. This example was assembled using 2 shields, 2 sensors and 2 indicators only, because the more large system cannot fit the size of the lab. :-)

The activation was indicated with a blue color. The right impact was indicated with the blue light fade. And the wrong impact was indicated with the right light. There was a simplified algorithm.

The ball impact location test system

Ronaldo shows exercises