The data acquisition and primary processing unit for the contactless current metering system in the industrial network

The figure above shows the structure of a multi-channel current meter with "current clamp" type sensors.
The main controller has 9 inputs for connecting sensors. Through the expansion connectors, you can connect an additional unit for 27 sensors, as well as another additional unit that measures voltage at 3 phases and has additional inputs for the "Rogovsky coil" type.
As a result of data processing, the controller gets true-square values of current and voltage, as well as phase differences, those are transmitted via a transceiver to a remote server. Depending on the requirements and conditions of use, either the proprietary GPRS modem or Multitech MTDOT module can be used as a transceiver.

The figure below shows a view of the main meter module.

In the center of the figure top is a transceiver. In the center of the bottom, one can find the extension connector. There are small black connectors around the perimeter of the Board for connecting current clamps.

The following figure shows the installation of several measuring units in the power cabinet. They are located on the left side of the cabinet (2 PCs.) and another on the right side. The blue-colored current clamps are also visible.