Wireless data acquisition system

The base system principle is shown at the picture below.

The system is intended to gather data from home water meters or similar equipment having simple impulse interface.

The impulses are accumulated in end devices (EDx) and are periodically sent to the system server. Every EDx could work both as a data transmitter and a gateway.

Most of the time EDx sleeps and wakes up at certain time or if it receives a signal at working frequency (wake-on-radio, WOR). If EDx works as a data transmitter, it becomes active, reads data from the data accumulator and sends them to a nearest net point which could be either another EDx or a head module. If EDx received data as a gateway (WOR), it immediately sends them to the next net point. The data go from one EDx to another, until the data pack reaches the head module. The data pack transmission direction is achieved by frequency domain division.

The head module collects all the data from the all EDx and periodically sends them to the system server via Internet (for example via GPRS).

The system utilises the extended SimpliciTI stack (not ZigBee or One-Net). The stack was extended with elements of TCP/IP (confirm receipts, repeated transmission if the previous failed etc.) by Bosco Lab. After successful transmission the receiving party sends back to the transmitting party a receipt that includes information about current system time and system commands. This way the system is synchronized and every EDx could be tuned for a certain task.

The system is running now in test mode. The prototype sample EDx is shown at the picture below.

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